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, the opposition is over 50%. support is in the low 30's. there's a 20. difference allover the united states. i think obama had an ambitious agenda announced early in his term. it pushed the ideological limits of the country. at the beginning, there was rebellion in the town hall meetings. that now translates into electoral success or near misses. >> bill clinton is up there this weekend for martha coakley. rudy giuliani will be there for scott brown. i do not know if that is a plus or not. does the president go? >> it is to dangers. >> he has a lot of other things on his plate. -- is it too dgerous for the president to go? >> he has a lot of other things foon his plate. martha coakley may not be an inspiration in canada, but she did easily win a primary. she has done some less than inspirational things. that is her problem. >> i do not think this is about ideology. there is anger at government. people sense that state governments are not working. the federal government is strongly the -- struggling to function. people are furious. >> the governor of massachusetts is in trouble. anybody who is
checkpoint in every domestic and foreign airport that has a plane bound for the united states. >> also a brief look back. >> it all comes down to the state of florida. >> and a cautious look ahead. where is the economy headed? >> the worst is definitely over. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> on december 16, 2009, a young nigerian man bought a plane ticket in ghana. he paid almost $3,000 in cash. he gave no contact information. didn't give an address. same young man was on a british watch list andast may the british had banned him from entering the u.k. in november of 2009, the same young man's father, one of the most prominent men in my year yeah, had warned the american em wassy about his son and met with a c.i.a. agent to talkbout his concerns. nonetheless the young man board add plight in amsterdam, he lad explosives in his underwear, boarded a northwest airlines flight bound for detroit and just before landing he tried to light the explosives after which he was subdued by passengers and nightcap. at first the secretary of homeland security said
, but we need 120 or 130,000 net new jobs every month in the united states just to hold the unemployment rate where it is. and we've lost, perhaps, 8 million in the decade. so to claw back and actually have a total employment growth with rising labor income, in my view, i'm not as optimistic as michelle. >> a lot of people do feel if we start to see some job growth and if indeed the numbers match what your expectations are that the fed might move on interest rates. do you agree? >> i think that that is going to be willing to tolerate faster growth, if as long as the inflation situation remains under control. you know, as david said, even with our optimistic employment numbers it's going take -- it's going to take years to get the unemployment back toward the level it was at before we went into this recession and as long as the unemployment rate is slack in the economy, the fed doesn't think inflation will be a problem. so they're going to stand, i think they'll stand pat, but i think they may be surprised and inflation will never be as tame as they expect and as the economy improves we'l
speaker -- >> the president of the united states. >> president entering the room. and as you said, a number of these congressmen and women get there very early, in fact, we were told the earliest got there at 8:00 a.m. to be on that aisle to shake hands with the president. >> and the president flanked by members of the democratic leadership, behind him, the democratic leader of the senate, harry reid, majority leader in the house, steny hoyer. >> we are expecting the president to speak perhaps more than an hour tonight. a little longer than the average length of the state of the union speech. >> he's got a lot of work to do, and i want to bring jake tapper in again. jake, lay out what you believe the white house goals are tonight coming into this speech. >> well, he has a few. first of all, with most of the country thinking that we are now on the wrong track, he has to say the state of our union is strong, but he has to convince the american people that that's true, when most of them right now are worried about the direction of the country. you alluded to reaching out to the cente
separate automobile models in the united states. this huge move will allow the company to focus on fixing a high profile safety >>> tonight on "nightline," toyota in trouble. the giant automaker is forced to take dramatic action after a series of deaths tied to runaway toyotas. the sale of eight models is suspended, so, is your car safe to drive? got milk? beyond the milk mustache smiles, do you know where your milk really comes. >>? an undercover investigation exposed what critics call barbaric treatment of cows and it is all caught on hidden camera. >>> and mr. independent for president? is outspoken views on illegal immigration and the birther movement have made ima hero and a villain. now he may want your vote. so, wh's next for lou dobbs? >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city. this is "nightline," january 2thr toyota's taki o the ow apparently due to stuck accelerato pedals. it follows a pair of massive recalls and the reporting of our own chief investigative correspondent brian ross who has the stor
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's news that the united states embassy and the british embassy in yemen are closed this morning. what can you tell us about the intelligence? what is it shows about the new threats to u.s. interests there? >> it shows the threat that al qaeda poses in the area. i spoke with the ambassador there. looked at the intelligence available. the attacks possibly against the embassy and personnel, we decided it was the prudent thing to do to close the embassy. we're working closely with the yemeni authorities to address the threat that is out there. >> a live threat, an active threat? >> there is. al qaeda has several hundred members in yemen. they've grown in strength. that's why, from the very first day of this administration we've been focused on yemen. i've been to yemen twice. we're continuing a dialogue. we've provided equipment and training. we're cooperating closely. we've known about it for awhile. we're determined to destroy al qaeda in pakistan, afghanistan, or yemen. we'll get there. >> there's a report that the british and the united states are setting up a counterterrorism police forc
, clearly the united states is sending a strong message to the taliban, getting a bit of its own revenge. but the reality is that the united states has to rely on these advanced predators against a force that has no air force of its own. no advanced artillery and no satellite intelligence. and eight years after this conflict began the united states is having difficulty holding its own. >> and robin, we knew you were in beirut the last time the cia was attacked in this scope. you heard what the security director said, did you see a breakdown s this simply the risk that they face? >> well, clearly it's the risk they face. i think leon panetta is right. the reality is, 27 years after the first attack wiped out almost an entire cia station, the united states should have known better. this is a counterintelligence failure. >> robin wright, thank you. >>> meantime, the families of the fallen cia officers are now laying their loved ones to rest. in many cases these families had no idea the men and women they lost were working the front lines for cia. here's david kerley. >> reporter: it is a si
to the united states this morning. he thinks there's about 100,000 casualties. other estimates as high as 500,000. what's your best estime right now? >> george, i don't want to hazard a guess. we know from the analysis we're doing with the teams that are on the ground there, that it's devastated. there are about 3 million people affected. thousands and thousands, don't want to put a number, but tens of thousands, we fear are dead. many thousands more injured. you know, when you look at the television pictures that you and others are broadcasting, you see all of this. but when you're on the ground, you see the roads that are totally impassable. an airport that was knocked out of commission. no air traffic control. trying to piece together the step-by-step, patient work that is necessary to minimize the loss of both life. and try to get people back into some semblance of normalcy, is just very hard. >> this is a country that's just going to have to be rebuilt from the ground-up, isn't i >> well, thankfully, the people of haiti are a resilient people. i've been going down there, i hate to say it mark twain once came back to the united states from london and said the newspaper reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated. democratic leaders argue that is the case and washington following the news that two democratic senators and a democratic governor had decided not to stand for reelection. north dakota senator byron dorgan, elected in 1992 after serving 12 years in the house, is stepping down, and so senator chris dodd, who was elected in 1980. byron dorgan's announcement took a lot of people by surprise, but chris dodd was the first to acknowledge that he was facing an uphill battle for reelection. >> i am very aware of my present political standing here at home in connecticut. but it is equally clear that any search and predictioabout an election victory or defeat -- to a prediction about an election victory or defeat nearly a year from now would be absurd. >>dodd, dorgan, colorado gov. bill ritter all standing aside following republican victories in gubernatorial races in virginia and new jersey. is the handwriting on the wall for democrats, mark? >> it is somewhere. i
. only the top two finishers will be going to vancouver to represent the united states. fletcher was named one of the finalists for the walter payton award, that is the man of the year award in the nfl. the winner will be announced at the super bowl. >> we will be ( clicking ) ( laughs, click ) when you hear a click, ( clicking ) you know it's closed and secure. that's why hefty food bags click closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! so you know you've helped lock in freshness and lock out air... to help prevent freezer burn. be sure it's secure with hefty food bags. just one click and you know it's closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! ( click, click, click ) >>> bring your umbrella if you are going anywhere tonight. >> take a look at all the rain on the way. the cold front will like -- will arrive late tomorrow morning, bringing cooler conditions. it did five degrees for the morning high temperature. it will fall during the afternoon hours. sushine on tuesday and wednesday, and those are snowflakes for thursday, friday, and into saturday. some really cold air is on the way once again. >> is wor to
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the united states embassy has been closed for security reasons and the british embassy closed as well. what can you tell us about the intelligence? >> looked at the intelligence that's available as far as the plans for al qaeda to carry out attacks possibly defense our embassy, possibly against u.s. personnel. decided it was the prudent thing to do to shut the embassy. we're working very closely with the yemeni authorities to address the threat that's out there. again it just demonstrates that al qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks and we're determined to thwart these attacks. >> there's a live threat, there's an active threat? >> there is. al qaeda has several hundred members in yemen and they've grown in strength. that's why from the first day of this administration we've focud on yemen. i've traveled out to yemen twice to talk to the president. in fact, this past week. we're continuing this dialogue. we've provided equipment training, we're cooperating very closely. >> there's a report that the british and the united states are now setting up counterterrorism police force in y
to be sideways. i e-mailed back to experts in the united states who said she needed to go to a hospital immediately. we took off and arrived at the israeli medical center, one of the only functioning operating rooms in the country, and there, she's getting care that's better than she would have received before the earthquake. she's geing better care now than she would have a week ago. dan? >> dr. besser, thank you. and as dr. besser knows, she delivered a healthy baby girl tonight. and we're thankful for that. >>> so, as you know, the destruction here in port-au-prince is beyond belief. but there are actually places outside of the city where the damage and destruction is worse. abc's kate snow went to one such city tonight, a place that has been flattened, and where people say they have been forgotten. >> reporter: heading west along the coast, past the sugar cane fields, we pull into the town of leogane. you can't tell what the stores were. as we weave into downtown, the destruction is astounding. maybe 70% of the buildings and homes just gone. an old hardware store on the corner, a ph
is not an acquittal. and today i'm announcing that the united states government will appeal this decision. >> reporter: blackwater now working under a name and logo, inch cyst their guards worked lawfully on that day. iraqis call it a massacre. >> let's hope that american justice will deliver justice. >> in many ways it's like abu ghraib. it's a symbol to many people that the united states isn't serious about democracy. that is acting out of its own interest, without the concern for human rights and rule of law. >> reporter: iraq's ambassador to the u.s. say the blackwater case alone can't i road the u.s./iraq ties. a spokesman with the justice department say they will file an appeal in the case next week. >>> rachel martin in washington. >>> one more note overseas in afghanistan a roadside bomb killed two u.s. troops bringing the u.s. death toll this year to 22. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, said u.s. forces will be at increased risk as more troops are deployed to take on the taliban. >>> still ahead -- a medical breakthrough for heart failure patients. this tiny pump could save many lives.
. >>> american air marshals when now be on all flights from nigeria to united states. nigeria has allowed federal officers on the flights after the failed christmas day attack. the accused bomber originated in nigeria. nigeria also wants american officials to train it nigerian officials. >>> united airlines is now jumping on the increased baggage check fairway did. delta was the first to announce $5 increases. the airlines will now charge $25 to check the first bag and $35 for the second bag. there is a small discount for travelers who pay in advance for their back online. >>> the legislative session of the maryland general assembly got underway this morning. the state budget is the top priority. the new $2 billion shortfall is likely to cause heated debate. a proposed alcohol tax. others want to rein in spending. foreclosures, job creation cent unemployment benefits are likely to dominate this session. >>> budget problems were also be at the center of the virginia legislative session. they have close to a $4 billion shortfall. they're talking about dropping the car tax and increasing the income
exhausted. >> the team is working side-by- side with others from the united states and around the world. >experts in finding a livg and using everything from heavy equipment to their own fingertips to bring them out, including his baby girl. >> we were able to pull out and put her right in her mother's hands. >> in all, the united states teams have made 72 rescue's with the hope that even after 160 plus hours, there are more miracles to be discovered. >> time to go to work. and move to see if we can find her. >> the mission continues to be making a live rescues. they say as long as they get information there are signs of life under a collapsed building, they will respond. >> truly amazing work they are doing there. doctors from the children's national medical center are doing what they can to help victims of the earthquake. in orthopedic surgery team is at a local hospital. that team has already performed numerous surgeries, it has more than 300 patients waiting to be seen. >>> a flight carrying 53 haitian orphans evacuated has arrived in pittsburgh. they read the children's hospital of
to pay for all that taste. try one today. subway. eat fresh. >> eight years ago today, the united states open the prison at guantanamo bay. >> and the controversy surrounding the prison remains. today, protesters took to the streets in d.c. >> the present, by executive order, was supposed to close on the 22nd of this month. that obviously is not going to happen, which is only exacerbating the controversy over what should happen with the detainees who remain there. >> protesters wore black hoods and orange jumpsuits. these demonstrators say they are furious that eight years after opening the prison at guantanamo bay, is a human rights catastrophe. >> i just assumed that somewhere along the line justice will prepare -- would prevail. >> they hope to put pressure on president obama, who on on the second day in office ordered the prison disclosed. >> we hope for a change of heart by those who are still held captive by their fears. >> i have not heard one individual who has said i want to get out of guantanamo and i want revenge. >> but many have returned to the fight, including two reportedl
fixing the health-care system,. >> i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >> the president made sure to talk about his wife, still popular in the polls. >> she gets embarrassed. let us find a way to come together and finished the job for the american people. -- and finishe the job. let's did in done. >> the president also called for more bipartisanship -- let's get it done. he talked also about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he says he believes the current problems are due to policies during the 80 years before he took office, -- during the eight years before he took office. rebecca cper, abc7 news. >>> there was a response from republicans tonight, delivered by new virginia governor bob mcdonnell. >> top-down decision making should not replace the people in our system. >> he said democratic policies are resulting in an unsustainable level of debt. in response to health care, he said americans need and affordable, accessible, and high-quality system that is not run by the government. -- he said americans need an affordable, accessible, and high-quality
week" debate. >> then, the president of the united states. >>> and the round table weighs in on the state of the union, with george will, cokie roberts, sam donaldson and former bush strategist, matthew dowd. and as always, "the sunday funnies." >> hello, i'm conan o'brien, and i need all of you to write me a letter of recommendation. >>> good morning. it's a brand new ball game here in washington as the president heads to capitol hill this wednesday to deliver the state of the union address, he's dealing now with the senate that's been dramatically altered by the stunning win in massachusetts of republican scott brown to fill the seat held for 46 years by ted kennedy. health care reform is this trouble. this morning, a reminder that this all takes place in a still dangerous world. a new audiotape that appears to be from osama bin laden in which he specifically talks about the failed bombing on christmas day. on american airlines flight 253. joining us, david axelrod. david, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> that was the week that was. the jub set in massachuse
workers to help restore electricity to the island. >> we do this throughout the united states. this would be new for us to go international. >> if you want to help the people at the haitian embassy, the best thing you can do is to donate money through a charitable organization that you feel comfortable with or through your job or company. >>> if you do want to give, we are teaming up with save the children. you can go to our web site,, there you will find a link to the save the children website. >>> it is inspiring to see the way people are stepping up. >> all across the country. >>> and doug hill is stepping up, can you find some way to put a positive spin on this mess? >> i am sorry, brother. i cannot do it. we will go backwards weather wise. it is the middle of january, you can expect it. live super doppler radar. down towards stafford and fredericksburg, there is rain there, even reports of sleep. -- reports of sleet. one viewer sees some indication of it too on our store machine. -- our stomrm machine. in spotsylvania county, it is 36 degrees. 40 degrees in chevy chase. 38 d
. >> thanks for the report. some haitian orphans are getting ready to start a brand new life in the united states. five orphans said to be adopted arrived in orlando. they were found in the rubble of an orphanage. there will be reunited with their new families. >> money and supplies are pouring in to help those affected. star athletes and starthey are a candlelight vigil at the haitian embassy. people offering their prayers for the island nation. so many have been moved on this day that even the folks here at the embassy have been overwhelmed by what they have received. >> the donations just keep pouring in. the support is humbling. >> it is good to see everyone helping out. supplies dropped off are being sorted at this old warehouse behind d.c. general hospital. volunteers showed up to sort things out. >> we're giving them food, clothing, medicine. >> the question in this situation is when and how well all these make it to the people who need it? the embassy is asking the general public stop dropping off supplies and donate money. people in our area just want to give what they can. >> whe
the opportunity to restore a balance of power in the united states senate. and that's important to washington to wisconsin, it's important to massachusetts. it's important to the entire united states of america. >> thank you very much. inappreciate the votes. >> reporter: last week, i talked to brown about the state of the race. why all the excitement? >> well, because it represents an opportunity for change to go to washington. at least bring back the debate. as the 41st senator, i can can at least allow them to maybe look at things a little differently. >> reporter: he brought up that magic number 41. now he will become the 41st republican senator, enough to block health care reform and wreak havoc on the president's agenda. less than five months after the death of ted kennedy, the lion of the senate, the darling of massachusetts's liberals, it is the man who will take his seat that could be the biggest obstacle to what he held most dear. tonight was game six for democrats. the ball went through their legs. there are still plenty of people here at scott brown headquarters. i have to tell yo
/4 of the united states is under a winter watch or warning. orida governor has signed an order to help save the citrus crop. >>> 5:46. president obama said there is plenty of blame for the failure to stop a terror suspect. airline security is taking a top priority. pamela brown is live with the latest on the story. >> the president's tone was noticeably more distress, even angry after his security meeting yesterday. he is putting the focus on intelligence agencies, saying they had sufficient information but failed to connect the dots. president obama said intelligence -- if it had been used properly, they could have stopped the christmas day bombing. he put it bluntly, saying this was a screw up the could have been disastrous. we dodged a bullet, but barely. >> he waited three days to address it. we saw a sense of urgency. >> obama said umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been stopped. his name was not on the no-fly list. more names are being added to the list and the terrorist watch list, maybe a more difficult for those to board a u.s.-bound flight. >> intelligence was not fully leverag
demanded violence against the united states in the most brutal way. you know, he was -- he was rapidly pro al qaeda. >> reporter: and now it turns out that was no act, and the implications are huge for u.s. efforts against al qaeda in the region. every single unsuccessful air strike, every single fact he provided, every other informant working for the u.s. in the area, will not have to be closely re-examined. nothing short of a major catastrophe for u.s. intelligence at a time when their best efforts are needed. >> thank you, brian. >>> and still ahead on "world news," is this latest kind of elder abuse? a nurse and pharmacist stand abused. >>> do you need these? everne is talking about the brand new gadgets billed as the next big thing. >>> and out of peril and into life and life and life. happy new year! welcome to! this place is hoppin'! ah, it's resolution season! well, my resolution -- save money. last year, millions of people visited, and those who switched saved an average of over $350. no wonder it's like a party in here. [ blows horn ] [ blowing rhy
to the united states? >> reporter: well, i talked to the foreign minister this weekend, and he said that he thought there might be 200, 300 al qaeda members scattered around the country. but it's really impossible to say, and he'll admit that right away. but they do consider this a grave threat. and i think they're getting much more serious about this, because of what happened over detroit. >> is the yemeni government a viable partner for the united states in taking on al qaeda? the government is impoverished and distracted by a civil war raging in the northern part of the country right now. >> reporter: all those things are right, dan, but i'll tell you one good example today. we traveled down to the gulf of aden, and i watched a review of security forces with the general who commands those forces. he gave a very powerful speech. he said, they are going to fight al qaeda. they're going to sacrificeood a al qaeda. >> very strong language for a middle eastern general for sure, especially given the fact that he was saying this in the gulf of aden, which is where the attack on the "uss cole" h
? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, for the second time since 9/11, the president of the united states is directing the intelligence community to do its job better. today, the president was contrite. >> as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> reporter: president obama explained the three main findings of the review. one, the u.s. government had sufficient information to disrupt the al qaeda plot. two, the intelligence community leadership did not increase analytic resources working on the full threat. three, the watch listing system failed, and needs to be strengthened and improved. >> rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already have. >> reporter: the review states that information was obtained by several agencies over the last several months, including data about abdulmutallab, about the plans of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, and the man known as the nigerian, believed to be abdulmutallab, plann
in afghanistan by the united states with more awareness within afghanistan on our shortfalls and shortcomings and the requirements for a better afghanistan. >> part of the opposition of the united states was americans are losing their lives. and we know afghan security forces and civilians are losing their lives, too. but americans are losing their live lives when corruption is undermining the objective. >> the objective is here, indeed. corruption is there in afghanistan. corruption is undermining our government, our society, and we must continue to work against it. i as the president of afghanistan am responsible and must take care of the afghan part of corruption. within the afghan community. >> when you went to helen we were told it was rocket fueled gun fire that was fired at you. how many assassination attempts? >> i don't know, maybe three, four. not much. >> when the u.s. pushes you to go out more in the country? >> the afghan people want to see more of their country. it's a good thing. for me to be with the afghan people is great, great joy. if that means taking a risk, i must take i
second place for the united states of america. >> reporter: one of the big questions looming over this speech tonight, what would the president do about his stymied health care reform plan? >> millions will lose their health insurance this year. our deficit will grow. premiums will go up. parents will be denied the care they need. small business owners will continue to drop coverage altogether. i will not walk away from these americans, and either should the people in this chamber. >> reporter: obama's answer? despite the polls, clear. >> here's what i ask congress. don't walk away from reform. not now. not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. >> reporter: that will cost money, lots of it, and with the deficit north of $1 trillion a year, americans are furious about government spending, and obama knows it. so, he proposed a three-year freeze on some federal spending. but to do anything in washington, in today's washington, sometimes it seems impossible, and so when obama spoke about that, the trust deficit, he called
the united states leads the world. i'm talking about it in very broadly speaking, not just application. we're talking about software in terms of boeing, aircraft, goods such as dishwashers and appliances and in terms of entertainment. look at silicon valley. twitter, linked in, yep, zinga. that's where the innovation is going to continue. that's where we lead the world. it's a positive for the united states. >> david, success stories in 2010 and beyond? >> i agree with andy. that would be on my list. two more. one is going to be mobile. the number of devices and the amount of power you have in the mobile device has grown extraordinarily in the lt decade. it's going to keep growing. the second one is green. someone's going to find a way to make greener energy, electric cars or something. the global warming problem isn't going away. the anxiety about being dependent on oil from abroad is not going away. think with some support from the government, but largely because they perceive demand, we're going to see breakthroughs there. >> 4 billion cell phones in the world versus 1 billion pcs. that
and running way ahead of the united states hospital which just starting to gear up today. >> we know another baby was born there at the israeli hospital. the mother was so grateful, she named her baby israel. thank you. >> robin, when you were gone over the weekend, we were getting so many questions on the website. basically, people asking how does this work, how do you get an entire television production team down there and once you hit the ground, what happens? >> well, we come fully self-contained. we don't want to use any of the limited resources there on the ground. so we come in with our water, food, whatever we can, nonperishables. of course, there are no hotels no running water. the airport was our home base. when i say home base. it was our home. that's where we slept. that's rich besser right there to the right. wherever we could, we put tom, our executive producer -- >> is he on a conveyor belt? >> the first night, he was on a conveyor belt. there's, he's in adoorway. and we're just kind of napping. people are walking all night long. it was just really -- that's tom on a conveyor
, that this is going to be a massive effort. that the united states was going to commit $100 million right away. even as he was doing that, he said he knew it would cost a lot more. what exactly will you be doing? >> i expect we'll do something that we did after the tsunami. our larger goal is to raise as much money as possible and to put it in the most productive channels possible. the first president bush and i had a fund. but we intentionally didn't try to raise enormous amounts of money. we asked our friends and supporters and ordinary citizens to give enough money so that could fund projects that really worked. and show everybody else what good models were. the other things we did were to literally help everybody else. we tried to keep the american people involved in a long-term way, with the long-term reconstruction. and, the united states was great about that. they gave $1 bilon in private aid to tsunami relief. the average contribution was $56. i think that's what we'll be looking for. we want to groups of schoolchildren to participate long-term. we want everybody to get involved in this and
that tradition by sending martha coakley to the united states senate. >> reporter: health care reform, brown would be the 41st united states senator, enough to filibuster and hill health care in the senate. it's not just health care, that extra seat would put president obama at climate change, banking reform. >> a lot of these decisions are going to rest on one vote in the united states senate. >> reporter: and then presidential prestige, the president campaigned in cokopp n copenhag copenhagen. and lost president obama promised to reach across the aisle and govern, and yet scott brown is able to tap into the frustration. >> call it frustration or sadness. >> one thing to keep in mind here, president obama won every county in massachusetts. the deepest blue the ones he won by the most, the brighter counties, the ones where he was weaker. everyone is looking at the weather forecast. sam champion, our very own weather dude, tells us we are expecting rain in boston. light snow and rain mix. in the southern part of the state where republicans do relatively better. there is about an inch of ow ex
. so, he went back to a familiar theme, change and hope. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president delivered the state of the union address with confidence. but awareness that an increasing number of americans aren't buying into his agenda. >> for these americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough. some are frustrated. some are angry. >> reporter: mr. obama focused an americans' frustration with the weak economy. and concerns about the ballooning trillion-dollar deficit. he proposed spending freezes, tax cuts for the struggling middle class, and ways to put people back to work. >> jobs must be our number one focus for 2010. that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: republicans during much of the speech, by staying seated. and the gop response was delivered by bob mcdonnell, who was recently elected as virginia's new governor, by voters angry with the president's policies. >> in the past year, more than 3 million people have lost their jobs. yet, the democratic congress continues deficit spending, adding to the bure
of the whole united states. miami up to 61 right now. new orleans at 47. here is our satellite picture. you an see those clouds and a little bit of snow showers for the southeastern pennsylvania. lots of sunshine out there. the cold airtarts its retreat. the mild air starts to nudge on end. for tomorow and friday, the milder air starts to build on in it. the next system will start to take shape at the end of the week down the gulf of mexico. monday and tuesday, it looks like it will stay to the south and that will not have an impact at all. we're talking about some rain. we're still a couple of days out from the system clearly getting going. we will keep an eye on it. some cold rain sunday. for this afternoon and some showers here and there. fairly clear tonight. by the time you get into tomorrow, a bit warmer with a few passing clouds. friday and saturday look mild. monday some clearing for the long holiday. mi 40's next week. more news on the other nbc may not be laughing at its late-night lineup, but the comex caught in the middle, even some on the sidelines are taking their potshot. >>
on the bosses behind me. right after this earthquake happened, the ambassador to the united states from haiti was seen on national tv, is essentially pleading for the hospital ship to come to this country. this ship was just there on a goodwill mission last year, trying to provide medical care. for w, the comforts is being ready to head to see with the crew aboard. it is a 900-bed hospital. they can handle as many as 1000 patients. right now, it is being configured to handle 250 patients. the crew will #500 or so. most come here from the national naval medical center just off wisconsin avenue in bethesda. they live in the area and are your neighbors. there are specialists up from a variety of messages -- from a variety of medical disciplines. they all say they're very eager to go and help. they just wish they could have been there sooner. they have seen the video and the need is tremendous. we spoke to a young doctor who is from haiti. he came to the u.s. in 1987. he says his family is accounted for, but he is eager to get there and provide help. for him, it is a personal mission. we will sha
to the united states senate. >> health care reform. brown would be the 41st republican senator, and up to a filibuster until health care in the senate, not to mention president obama's agenda -- climate change, banking reform anmaybe additional stimulus plans. >> a lot of these measures will rest on one vote. >> and then presidential prestige. the president campaigned in new jersey and virginia and loss. he campaigned for the olympics in copenhagen and lost. and now he has campaigned here. playing a role, the weather. wind, rain, freezing rain and snow is on the agenda and that could bring down turnout already expected to be low because this is a special election. political analysts say that gives an advantage to scott brown. reporting on capitol hill, matt brock, abc 7 news. >>> arlington police are investigating it that the accident inside a parking garage. it happened just before 4:30 p.m. yesterday inside a parking rise in the 900 blo of north taylor street. officials say 86-year-old -- spencer was killed when a car hit a security door and continued into the garage before hitting a
, for common humanity. it will be a victory for the united states of america. >> the entire first family attended the service. dr. king spoke at the same church in 1956 as he was emerging as a prominent voice in the civil rights movement. there are several events in d.c. tamara martin luther king jr. day, and they will have an impact on traffic. between 9:00 a.m. and noon, there'll be a piece walked -- there will be a peace walk. there will be eight weeks laying ceremony, and an event at the martin luther king jr. public library. -- there will be a wreath laying. the race to fill ted kennedy's seat comes down to the wire. the man accused of cheating -- creating a security scare at a it hard to breathe. but now that i'm breathing better with advair... i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator
chilly part. >>> there does not appear to be a warm front for the eastern 2/3 of the united states. arctic air is lingering in the south where ice is causing a string of serious accidents. in the midwest, another 8-16 inches of snow is there. in the northern plains, it is dangerous cold again with wind chills at 50 below zero in some areas >>> >>> road crews around here are making sure that the re-east is not get too treacherous. >> we dodged a bullet, sort of. >> the side streets are ok, nothing to worry about. >> it started yesterday and carried into the early board -- early hours this morning, delaying some schools and closing others. 4:00 this morning is when we had the last blast in montgomery county. the snow quickly covered already treated. treated lanes. road crews work much of the night and are back behind the wheel for a second run. this was widely regarded as a success for the morning commute. >> it not that bad. people are getting a round so it is not much of the problem. >> we are not full exactly out of the west. wet roads and sidewalks that have not got treated, cou
? >> nbc's linsey davis, thank you. >>> 53 haitian orphans arrived in the united states to begin new lives. most were already adopted waiting for final legal paperwork. they have been granted two-year humanitarian waivers through a program that may help other orphans come here, as well. >>> in los angeles a hillside neighborhood is off-limits because of severe storms and a threat of mudslides. the terrible weather has left behind destruction as alex stone reports. >> this blew out everything. >> reporter: ken bailey shows what remains of a neighbor's car after a small tornado hit his sunset beach apartment complex. >> all of a sudden the wind began to blow real hard. the windows began to shake. and then the windows blew out. >> reporter: the winds were so powerful, they flipped this suv on its side. this caught on home video also ripped off the roofs of several buildings. >> i was on the phone and i was just shaking. and i said, i am looking right at the tornado, i'm looking at it, it's coming this way! >> reporter: the second storm roared into southern california with rain so fast and hea
will need a current bank statement as well. >>> it is not just the united states that is braiding this especially cold winter -- braving this especially cold winter. countries across the globe are buried under unprecedented snow and cold. >> that is the sound of icy wind and snow falling in an unlikely place, central china parts of the country are expected to drop to 22 degrees below zero. for some, it was played time. but in south korea, it was work to clear away nearly a foot of snow in a single day, the heaviest snowfall in modern history. it was worse in denmark, commuters were better off on foot. emergency services called in to help rescue the stranded. oliver europe, from france -- all over europe, the new year is bring severe weather warnings. great britain is trying to cope. >> these are exceptional weather conditions. the amount of snow that it did not make much difference. >> scores of drivers were stopped overnight in their cars. traveling by train is not much better and all airports are experiencing major delays. >> we're quite prepared to sit at home and not go out in
of casualties could soar. tens of thousands are already feared dead. >>> president obama has said the united states will do all it can to help the people of haiti. more than half a dozen ships and 5,000 marines and soldiers are on their way. the navy aircraft carrier, "the uss carl vinson" is arriving. the military officers say the ships and also securing the airport are central to their work. >> we can base from the ships. fly personnel in during the day. conduct the relief operations during the day. and then, bring those forces back to the ship at night. that way, we reduce the strain on an already strained infrastructure. >> providing security for relief workers. and if needed, also assist in the relief efforts. >> and in order to help secure the airport, the u.s. army is sending in the first 100 soldiers from a brigade of the 82nd airborne. they'll be followed by at least 3,400 more over the coming days. >>> a u.s. aircraft loaded with supplies will arrive in haiti today. it will be joined by another ship. a royal caribbean luxury liner. "the independence of the seas" was loaded with wat
. protecting the interests of the president of the united states -- it is on your shoulders. >> the grand jury is looking into whether there is enough evidence that they trespassed at the white house or lied to federal investigators to bring about criminal charges. we will keep you posted. >>> new photographs of the third person investigated for possibly crashing the white house dinner have surfaced. they show carlos allen with an agreed clinton,: paul, nancy pelosi and eric holder. -- and colin powell. he maintains he received an invitation. the investigation continues. >>> the cold ctinues. >> temperatures will go down tonight. doug says there is a much-needed relief on the way. >> we are tracking warmer temperatures. it will be short-lived. but we will take it. on our weatherbug network tonight, 26 in rockville. 34 degrees -- 27 in manassas. most everybody else is in t low to mid 20's. as far as what will happen tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. the coldest air will be back to the northeast. it is looking like we will hit 50 degrees tomorrow. along with sunshine. and then a warming trend as we h
the united states, and did they have not been found. >> authorities tell us that the accused northwest bomber, uar farouk abdulmutallab provided the fbi with descriptions of several non-arabs. >> there are also women who had been trained. al qaeda is looking to put together an attack using people who do not fit the profile we would be looking for. >> the alert comes as the uk raised their terror all let level to -- terror alert level to secure -- severe. janet napolitano said the system was working much better. >> across the community of nations, we are alert. ere is an increase in its abilities of terrorists like al qaeda to exploit travel. >> according to u.s. officials, six different people on the no- fly list were stopped from boarding u.s. flights in 148 hour period last weekend. >>> new at 11:00, a renewed push to help victims in the haiti. george clooney, halle berry, wyclef jean -- posting a benefit. the funds they raise will go to helping haiti. it comes as international agencies are still making daring rescues, 10 days after the earthquake. an elderly woman and man were pulled out o
wife would receive some painful news. >> the next president of the united states, john edwards. >> john edwards was came campaigning for president in new hampshire when he received the news, his wife's cancer had come back. >> he was bawling. he was very upset, and he didn't know what to do. he didn't know if the campaign should go on. then about halfway home, he asked to use the phone and he called rielle. it was her birthday and they were supposed to be celebrating that night. he told rielle about the prognosis, and all i could hear was rielle cussing. she didn't care about the prognosis. all she cared about was the governor wasn't going to be there to celebrate. >> the bottom line is the cancer is back. we are very optimistic about this. because having been through some struggles together in the past, we know that the key is to keep your head up, keep moving. >> reporter: but the affair continued. young accounts a night at the edwards' house with rielle hunter there and elizabeth aw. >> it was one of the first times we had been in the edwards' house after it was finished. the senator
. >> they are in it for the long haul. >> haiti has a lot of people pulling for it, and, certainly, the united states is going to be out there, first in line or up there with the very first with the reconstruction. >> they say that things will be measured in months and years, not days and weeks. >>> doctors and nurses on the uss comfort are scrambling to save lives. pamela brown was also on the comfort, and there is more on the men and women who are raging battle for life every day. >> off of the coast of haiti on wednesday. doctors areaving lives. this hospital can treat many patients, 150 being brought in every day. >> it is the toughest and i've ever had to do. >> he traveled here from the bethesda naval hospital. because of the amount of trauma he has taken in, it is at times too much to handle, physically and emotionally. >> i have kids. >> off of the haitian coast, the comfort is taking in patients every few minutes. >> the u.s.s. comfort is being stressed like she has never been stressed before, not during desert storm, not during katrina. >> a lot of these patients are children. doctors say that if th
of the united states, more complicated. 61 3r7b9 support the troop surge. they bring security, says this woman. but eight years in disappointment in america's performance left overall approval of 38%. what about the taliban? results show they are unpopular. they say, we are bad memories of the taliban. why ham need karzai is riding the postelection ride of hope, abc news and our partners sent pollsters out door to door taking the pulse of 1,500 people, asking them about ordinary life. also, that covering for women, the burqa. should it be the husband's decision or hers? in this country a split decision. the majority of men say it's the husband's choice. this woman added perspective. my husband's not the problem, she says. it's the taliban i'm afraid of. and sometimes small signes of progress. 60% of the poll says they are cell phones. every one of you as a cell phone? but 85% of them say they have no refrigerator. and few of hope of such a thing. and one more sobers number. more than half of afghans say they have never been to school. and we'll be back with more from afghanistan later. now, we
here in the united states. >>> and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. stormy in south texas. with rain and a chance of flooding in houston, san antonio and corpus christi. showers in the western part of the state. up to a half-foot of snow in new mexico. colorado, wyoming and montana. showers from missouri to michigan. >> at for above normal for the eastern half of the country. 33 in boston. near 40 in new york. and 74 in miami. 30s from detroit to the twin cities. 40s in portland, boise and billings. 51 in seattle. and 61 in sacramento. >>> still ahead, some of the other news. the banking world awaits an announcement today from the president. >> and those that run many of president. >> and those that run many of the nation's banks, in the hot >>> it is time, now, for a check of market activity, starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average jumped 1.6% today. hong kong's hang seng is slightly lower. in london, the ftse opened higher. wall street starts the day with the dow at 10,680, after rising 53 points yesterday. the nasdaq added 25 points to close at 2307. >>
administration has ordered enhanced procedures for all flights coming in to the united states. every single passenger of from 14 terrorism prone countries will be subject to additional screening, including being patted down and having their carry-on items searched. while the full list of countries was not released, political -- "politico reports several that are on the list. >> i do not think it will help. i think it does not increase or maximize security. it is just a panic reaction. >> it is fine with me. >> there are also reports that other countries on the list of those 14 nations include yemen, pakistan, nigeria, saudi arabia, iraq, algeria, and 11 on. one tsa official describes it as a significant step forward. one other thing included in the new mandates, they continue to leave the one hour rule where you may or may not have to have things put away and stay in your seats. they are leaving that up to the captain of the flight. all of these go into effect at midnight. >> in the meantime, u.s. and british officials have closed their embassies in yemen. there are indications allegedly th
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